Instructions For Decarboxylation Equipment

When natural cannabis is extracted, it will get CBD and CBD acid. In general, CBD acid can be slowly converted into CBD, this will not only take a long time, but also oxidize and degrade CBD, so the acid will be reacted quickly by decarboxylation. Conversion to phenol ensures that the material does not deteriorate, while still achieving a higher yield and a lower water content. The cbd acid releases gas during the distillation process, and a large amount of water can seriously affect the vacuum system, causing the vacuum to be unstable or even impossible to distill. Therefore this process is necessary.

According to the chemical nature of hemp, our company specialized in research and development of the aerated decarboxylation reactor, it can complete a decarboxylation reaction in 4 to 6 hours (according to the raw material of acid content), also it doesn’t need to add any catalyst in the process of reaction(can also be appropriate to add a small amount of catalyst, so as to adapt to different materials), by using the equipment integration, the same device can complete all the work including reaction, aerated, dewatering and carbon dioxide removal. According to the time, it can be divided into two or three reactors to operate at different time intervals, which can minimize the equipment occupation and improve work efficiency

The decarboxylation reactor consists of oil jacketed heating kettle, air charger, stirring paddle, vacuum system, electrical control, temperature control, and can be designed according to production requirements.

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