CO2 Recovery System – 700L Supercritical Fluid Extraction Parts

CO2 Recovery System – 700L Supercritical Fluid Extraction Parts

a)Function: to compress and recover CO2 whose pressure is less than 6MPa from extraction vessel when extraction is done, realizing recycled utilization of CO2.
b)Shut off inlet valve on extraction vessel or outlet valve on CO2 pressure pump after a round of extraction circulation in extraction vessel is finished. Turn on the exhaust recovery system when pressure of extraction vessel is equal to that of condenser and intermediate storage tank. Then CO2 with the pressure of less than 6MPa enters exhaust storage tank. The system could control start-stop of CO2 recovery compressor automatically through the pressure signals of exhaust storage tank transmitted to PLC control system. After pressure-boosting, CO2 will be condensed and liquefied in condenser then stored in CO2 storage tank for future use.
c)Key parts:
1)CO2 recovery compressor, 1 piece;
2)Exhaust storage tank, 1 piece;
3)Some components like pipeline, valve, instrument, etc.

700L Supercritical Fluid Extraction

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