CO2 Storage Tank-700L CO2 Extraction Equipment Part

CO2 Storage Tank (C302)

The CO2 storage tank is a storage tank for liquid CO2 in the device, and the liquid level in the tank is displayed on site by a magnetic column-type liquid level meter. The upper part of the tank consists of safety valve, pressure meter, pressure transmitter, liquid inlet and emptying port. The bottom part of the tank consists of CO2 outlet and temperature sensor. This tank is mainly composed of welding cylinder, built-in heat preservation coil, nameplate, saddle etc. The parameters and structure are shown in Table 3.3 and Figure 3.4.

Table 3.3 CO2 Storage Tank Data Sheet

Design Pressure9MPaDesigned Temperature80℃
Work Pressure8.5MPaOperating Temperature10~40℃
Inner Dia.φ1000mmNominal Volume4000L
Outer Dia.φ1076mmTotal Height~1456mm
StructureHorizontal Vessel with heat exchange tube
Safety AccessoriesSafety valve, 1 setTemperature sensor, 1 setPressure meter, 1 setPressure sensor, 1 set
Figure 3.4 Structure Drawing of CO2 Storage Tank

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