Condenser- 700L Supercritical Fluid Extraction SFE Systems

Condenser (E401)

The condenser is a heat exchanger which converts the gas CO2 into the liquid CO2. It mainly consists of the tube pass, the chamber plate, the end cover, the shell pass, and so on, with parameters and structure as shown in table 3.5 and figure 3.6. The tube pass and the chambers are the main parts to convert the state of CO2 and they are the key parts of the vessel. The shell pass provides space for the flow of the freezing liquid to provide energy for the conversion of CO2. The freezing liquid flows in the direction contrary to that of the CO2.

Table 3.5 Parameters of Condenser

ItemTube PassShell Pass
Design Pressure9MPa0.4MPa
Working Pressure8.5MPa0.4MPa
Design Temperature 80℃20℃
 Operating Temperature65℃/12℃7℃/12℃
Heat Exchange Area81m2/
Inner Diameter/φ400mm
Outer Diameter/φ416mm
Overall Size~6434×950
Structural StyleShell & Tube Type
Condenser & Heater Structure

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