Control System - 700L CO2 Supercritical Extraction Part

Control System – 700L CO2 Supercritical Extraction Part

a) Function: Detect and control of temperature and pressure in real time of each detection point to ensure it is in the settled range;
During the working process, the parameters detected by the temperature and pressure sensors are sent to the PLC, and compared with the preset programs and parameters in the PLC. After the calculation, the output electrical signals are sent to the adjustment of the cold and hot water flow control valves and CO2 flow control valves. The valve can automatically control the temperature and pressure parameters of each device in the preset range to achieve effective extraction and separation of the material.
b) Main Components:
1)MCC1 cabinet,1 set,including electricity switch and pump control components;
2)MCC2 cabinet,1 set,including 2 sets Siemens G120 inverters, to complete control of 2 sets compressors;
3)PLC cabinet,1 set,including PLC control system, to complete control and collection of extraction equipment data and control of extraction equipment;
4)OP1 operation desk,1 set,to completes the control of quick-open systems for 3 extractors;
5)OP2 operation station,1 set,including a host computer with monitor software, responsible for communication with the PLC, which is the entire machine’s man-machine interface;
6)On-site sensors,some,including temperature, pressure, flow, level sensors, responsible for collecting on-site signals, and converting to 4~20mA standard signals

Control System - 700L CO2 Supercritical Extraction Part

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