Cooling System – 700L Supercritical Extraction Equipment Part

Cooling System

a) Function:Provides the cold source required for changes of CO2 status. Cooling CO2 through the condenser E401; Provide cooling water for the pressure pump P502/1, P502/2, and recovery compressor P503;
The chilled water produced by the water-cooling unit enters the cold-water storage tank, then into the cold water distributor by the cold water pressure pump after pressured, and then enters the condenser, CO2 storage tank, etc. through various valves, and the temperature is detected by the temperature sensors of the respective containers and pipelines.
b) Main Components:
1)Water-cooling unit (E406),1 set;
2)Cool water tower (E407),1 set;
3)Water pool, 1 set;
4)Cool water storage tank (C305),1 set;
5)Cool water pump (P603~P606),4 sets
6)Pipe, valve, meter element, some.

Cooling System – 700L Supercritical Extraction Equipment Part

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