Extractor – 700L*3 CO2 Supercritical Extractor Equipment

Extractor (R101~R103)

The extractor is the core equipment for the extraction. According to the ASME Ⅷ-1+colde case 2695, the vertical jacketed multi-layer high pressure vessel, the material of the vessel is 316L where contact with raw material, the material of the vessel is 304 where contact with water. The main parameters and the outline structure is shown in Table 3.1 and Figure 3.2 respectively, the detailed structure dimension see the quality certificate.

Table 3.1 Extractor Data Sheet

Design Pressure40MPaDesign Temperature80℃
Work Pressure0~35MPaOperation Temperature20~75℃(0~60)
Inner Dia.φ600mmVolume760L
Outer Dia.φ936mmHeight~4005mm
Structurevertical jacketBasket Volume~620L
Safety SpareSafety valve, 3 setsTemperature Sensor, 3 setsPressure meter, 3 setsPressure Sensor, 6 setsQuick opening and safety interlock, 1 set
Figure 3.2 Layout Drawing of 700L×3 SCFE

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