Feeding of CO2-700L Supercritical Fluid Extractor

Feeding of CO2

Feeding of CO2 refers to the process of injecting liquid CO2 into the extractor (ETOR) and the separator (ST0R) and starting pressure pump P502A (or P502B) and pressuring.

a) The participating equipments are:

1) CO2 storage tank C302;

2) Pressure pump P502/1 or P502/2 (one for using and the other for preparing, this chapter uses P502/1 as an example);

3) Extraction heater E402;

4) Extractor with Material (This chapter uses R101 as an example);

5) Air compressor;

6) Cold water system CW;

7) Hot water system HW;

8) control system and upper computer PC;

b) Operation steps for adding CO2:

1) Start cold water system CW, cooling cold water temperature to 10 ~ 15 °C;

2) Operate hot water system HW;

3) According to the flow chart switch the relevant valves from the pressure pump P502/1 to the extractor R101, and let the P502/1, E402, and R101 enter the pressurized working state;

4) Switch each control valve K01 ~ K04 to the automatic state in the upper computer;

5) Slowly open the valve between the CO2 storage tank C302 and the pressure pump P502/1 so that CO2 slowly enters the extractor until it is equilibrated; after the pressure is balanced, all the above valves are opened;

6) Start the pressurizing pump P502 according to ( steps and add CO2;

7) After the pressure in the extractor reaches the set pressure, the computer will automatically open the extraction regulator valve and CO2 will enter the separator.

Feeding of CO2

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