How Discharge of Extracted Product

Discharge of extracted product 

During extraction, the product separated by the primary separator and the secondary separator stores temporarily in the two separators. When the stored product has reached a certain quantity, it shall be discharged in time. Otherwise, some of the available space in the separators will be occupied and the separation will be affected. There are product discharge valves J46, J51, J60 and J61 at the bottom of the two separators.

The product is discharged through the valves J60 and J61. The user determines the time and quantity of discharge according to the yield of the produced product and the user’s own experience. Both the primary separator and the secondary separator are high-pressure vessels. The product can be discharged under high pressure. To ensure the safety and the stability of the process parameters in the separators, slowly open the valves to discharge the product into the product tank. After the product discharge, close the valves. Thus the product is discharged.

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