How Maintenance of Supercritical Fluid CO2 Extraction Equipment

Maintenance of CO2 pressure pump

Check the lubricant of the pump before starting it. If the lubrication is not enough, replenish the lubricant in time. Use and maintain the pump strictly according to the manual of the CO2 pressure pump.

Maintenance of Quick Opening Mechanism of Extractor

Periodically check the condition of the cylinders and the smoothness of opening and closing of flat cover and clamps on the extractor and lubricate screw jacks, clamp rails and screw jacks with reasonable quantity of grease to ensure smooth operation and check if the limit switches for lifting/lowering are sensitive and reliable.

Maintenance of cold water unit

a) Frequently check if the displayed values on the high/low pressure meters of the cold water unit are within the set ranges, and if the lubrication system works normally in the operation of the unit.

b) Frequently check the operation of the circulating water pumps of the cold water system and the cooling water system, and check if the flow rate of the circulation water is normal.

c) Use and maintain the cold water unit strictly according to the manual of the cold water unit.

Maintenance of Extraction System

a) Check the condition of the instruments, the meters and the safety valves periodically. Check if the instruments and the meters have passed the periodic calibration, if they work within the valid calibration period, if the safety valves have passed the inspection of the industry authority, and if they work within the valid period.

b) Frequently check t if the manual valves have any inner leakage or outer seepage.

c) Periodically check the operation condition of the tubular filter for any stoppage.

d) Submit all the vessels including the extractors, the separators, the condenser, the CO2 storage tank, the off-gas tank and the filter periodically to the authority of the pressure vessels for inspection and supervision. These vessels can be put into operation only after they have passed the inspection and supervision.

e) Periodically check the operation condition of the quick opening mechanism and the operation condition of the travel switch, and check if the connecting bolts are loose. Any problem shall be solved in time. Periodically clean the cover of the quick opening mechanism.

f) When you need to keep the SFE plant out of operation for a long time, close the inlet/outlet valves of the CO2 storage tank after the operation of the plant. Then open the vent valves of the other piping and vessels to decrease the pressure in them to zero. Clean each vessel, and dry each vessel and piping with dry compressed air. Discharge all the circulating water from the water jacket of each vessel to prevent the bad influence on them of too high or too low water temperature.

g) The workshop shall be kept dry, clean and well ventilated during the operation of the SFE plant.

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