How Operation of Condenser-700L Supercritical Co2 Extraction

Operation of condenser (E401)

The condenser E401 is a vessel in the plant that does not need frequent opening.It will be dismantled and opened only when the gasket is damaged or when there is leakage. The disassembly process is as follows:

a) Close the inlet stop valve J05 and the outlet stop valve J08;

b) Slowly open the vent valve J06 and the drain valve J08 to discharge all the remaining gas from the vessel;

c) When the local pressure display is zero and when you have confirmed that the pressure of the condenser is zero, use the special tool to loosen the lock nuts on the chambers at both ends of the condenser in turn and in the symmetric way.

d) Use an auxiliary hoist or a chock to support the chambers firmly and then continue to remove the lock nuts, the washers and the bolts. Remove the chambers at both ends, and remove the gaskets. Clean the gaskets, the chambers, the tube pass and the tube plate with a detergent and dry them with dry air. Mount the new gaskets, the chambers, the bolts, the flat washers and the lock nuts. Tighten the nuts in turn and in the symmetric way with the special tool.

e) To start the vessel, slowly open the inlet valve of the vessel to discharge the air through the vent valve J06 from the condenser. When feeling that the CO2 begins to discharge, close vent valve J06 and continue pressurization. Check the performance of the sealing. When you have confirmed that there is no leakage and seepage at both ends of the chambers, pressurize the condenser to the desired value. Now the device is ready for use.

700L Supercritical Co2 Extraction

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