How Operation of Cryogenic CO2 Storage Tank-700L Supercritical Co2 Extraction System

Operation of heater(E402A-E404)

The operation of the heater is similar to that of the condenser E401. Do according to 4.2.8 operation sequence and switch corresponding position number valve on the flow chart

Operation of cryogenic CO2 Storage Tank

Before filling in the cryogenic liquid, it is necessary to carefully check whether the valve is in the correct position, whether the instrument is flexible and reliable, and whether the pipeline of the column liqidometer is unobstructed.

a) Liquid filling

Filling the liquid is divided into the first filling and the refilling. The first filling is the charging of the inner tube in the hot state. The refilling means that the inner tube has the low temperature liquid and no cooling of the inner tube is required. Do not allow filling and draining at the same time;

b) First filling step:

1) Connect the fluid filling line;

2) Blow off the liquid filling line (every time before liquid filling). Before inlet/outlet valve of the upper liquid is opened, put a small amount of liquid from the liquid source discharge valve into the input liquid tube, and open the pipeline. The pipelines are cleaned to remove the moisture and dust impurities in the pipeline;

3) Open the inner tube vent valve, pressure gauge valve, and start the level gauge;

4) Open the inlet valve of the upper liquid, liquid inflow. Because the inner cylinder is in a hot state, the upper inlet valve opening is small, so that the pipeline and the inner cylinder slowly and steadily cool to the temperature of the charged cryogenic liquid. When the inner cylinder vent valve is stably vented, a large upper inlet valve can be opened to increase the filling rate;

5) When the liquid gauge indicates liquid level, open the liquid inlet/outlet valve of the liquid, close the upper liquid inlet valve and change the upper liquid into the lower liquid;

6) When the liquid is filled with the indicating valve (first turned on) and the liquid is ejected, it means that the tank is full of liquid. Inlet/outlet valve of the liquid should be closed immediately. The filling of the liquid should be stopped at the same time, and the residual liquid discharge valve should be opened to eliminate the residual in the liquid filling pipeline.

7) End of filling, remove the filling line;

c) Refilling step:

It is basically the same as the first filling. The difference is that the filling amount can be increased from the beginning, and the pressure change must be paid close attention during the filling process. If the liquid is directly drawn from the liquid inlet/outlet valve, when the pressure rises high, the bottom inlet liquid can be changed into the top inlet liquid to reduce the pressure.

d) Operational precautions

1) Wear protective clothing such as coarse cloth gloves during operation to prevent cold liquid from freezing to the human body;

2) The cryogenic liquid storage container is a pressure vessel. The operator must undergo safety training, be familiar with the structure of the tank and the characteristics of the cryogenic liquid, and master the explosion-proof technology and fire safety regulations;

3) The operator should be familiar with the process of the equipment, the functions and operating procedures of various valve meters and safety accessories, and the filling and draining should be operated strictly in accordance with the operating procedures;

4) In use should always check whether the valve is in the correct opening and closing position, whether measurement of pressure gauge and liquid level meter is accurate and reliable, and whether equipment pipelines and valves leak. When the pressure of the tank  reaches the take-off pressure of the safety valve and the safety valve is not moving, the pressure of the safety valve should be calibrated immediately to ensure the safety of the tank;

5) Operation all valves should be opened and closed slowly to prevent excessive damage. When the valve freezes and cannot be opened and closed, use hot air or hot water to warm and thaw, and it is forbidden to hit with a hard object, broil or heat up.

6) In the short-term decommissioning do not empty all the liquid in the tank, and leave 5% to 10% of the liquid volume according to shut down time in order to reduce evaporation loss during refilling;

7) When the liquid in the storage tank is emptied, the pressure in the tank shall be maintained at 0.02 MPa so as to prevent the damp air from entering the piping system and causing the pipeline valve to clog;

8) Do not tamper with the outer cylinder explosion protection device and vacuum valve, otherwise it will damage the vacuum degree of the storage tank;

9) The outer shell is an external pressure vessel that bears atmospheric pressure, collision is strictly prohibited. If the shell is not damaged, it will affect the degree of vacuum;

10) The vacuum degree of the tank is inspected every six months, the authenticity of the sandwich can be measured by simply removing the protective cover on the metal heat pipe and inserting plugging the plug of the thermocouple gauge.

Cryogenic CO2 Storage Tank

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