How Three-extractor in series working mode

Three-extractor in series working mode (R101→R102→R103 as an example)

Take R101 → R102 → R103 three-extractor in series work as an example to introduce the operation process. The series operation of R102→R103→R101 and the series operation of R103→R101→R102 are the same as the series operation of R101→R102→R103. However, the valve is different from the operation process of extractor R101 during the operation. See 700L × 3 process flow chart the specific valve number for details, R101 → R102 → R103 operating process is as follows:

a) In accordance with the operation of to achieve R101 → R102 work in series, put the loaded material into the extractor R103 and close the R103 kettle and quickly open in place;

b) Open the R103 outlet valve J40 and open the series valve J30 between R102 and R103;

c) Close R39 outlet valve J39. After CO2 enters R101 and R102, it will enter R103 through J30 and carry out three-extractor in series extraction cycle.

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