Off-gas Tank-700L Supercritical CO2 Extraction Plant

Off-gas Tank(C303)

 The off-gas tank recovers the used CO2.The extractor works intermittently. When each period of extraction ends, the material inside the extractor should be replaced. To cut the cost, the CO2  in the extractor should be recovered and stored. When a certain quantity of CO2  is recovered, the compressor compresses it to use it again. The parameters are shown in table 3.8 and its simplified structure is shown in Fig. 3.9.

Table 3.8 Parameters of Off-gas Tank

Design Pressure6MPaDesign Temperature 50℃
Working Pressure5.8MPa Operating Temperature40℃
Inner Diameterφ800mmNorminal Volume1000L
Outer Diameterφ844mmOverall Height~2634mm
Structural StyleVertical Vessel, Single Layer
Safety AccessorySafety valve *1Pressure meter *1Press Sensor *1
Off-gas Tank

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