Operation of CO2 Transfer Pump P501-700L Supercritical Fluid Extraction

Operation of CO2 Transfer Pump P501

a) Name explanation:

1) First switch on: It means that the pump starts for the first time after it stops working for a long time;

2) Normal switch on: means the pump starts again after a short stop;

b) Operation steps:

The CO2 pump P501 starts for the first time by cooling the pump head and evacuating the air from the pump head and pressing the start button again. Start normally by pressing the start button directly.

c) Handling precautions for CO2 transfer pump P501:

1) The cooling oil (diesel engine oil) cannot be too much, half can be (half oil mark), too much will cause the pump load to increase, the pump hair is hot;

2) Note that the pump head is empty. Before the first run, the air in the pump head must be drained. The empty valve can be opened before and after the pump head to allow the CO2 to remove the air and eliminate the white C02 particles.

3) The pump head must be cooled before First Run to prevent the pump from heating.

d) Method for cooling the pump head of the CO501 delivery pump P501:

1) Method 1: The CO2 is unloaded by pump head evacuation bolts to promote CO2 state change heat absorption to cool the pump head;

2) Method 2: Micro-discharging CO2 at the outlet of the pump head to make the CO2 state change heat to cool the pump head;

3) Method 3: Open the return valve to return the low-temperature CO2 from the pump outlet to an outdoor cryogenic storage tank to cool the pump head;

e) How to determine if the CO2 transfer pump P501 is working properly:

After correct opening of the equipment, theoretically it can be judged by changing the liquid level of L01 in CO2 tank C302. However, due to the small flow of CO2 pump P501, most of the CO2 tank C302 is horizontal and bulky. The change in level gauge L01 is not significant. In general, if there are the following physical phenomena, it indicates that the CO2 delivery pump P501 is working properly.

1) Pump head pressure gauge swings left and right, pressure transmitter readings jump up and down;

2) The pump outlet pipe has audible vibration;

3) The check valve of the pump outlet has a back and forth impact sound.

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