Operation of Cold Water System-Supercritical Fluid Extraction System

Operation of Cold Water System

It mainly refer to the process of starting the water-cooling unit E406 and cooling the CO2 in the condenser E401 and the intermediate storage tank C302 with cooling water.

a) The equipment involved in the refrigeration system is:

1) water cooling unit E406;

2) cooling water motor P604;

3) cooling tower E407;

4) cold water circulation pump P603;

5) condenser E401;

6) CO2 storage tank C301;

7) related pipes and valves;

b) Operating steps of cold water system:

1) Switch cold water system valves to make the system in working condition;

2) Set the water temperature of the water-cooling unit E406: 7~10°C;

3) Start the water-cooling unit E406. The system will automatically start the cooling water pump P603 and the cold water circulation pump P604. After confirming that there is no fault, the system will automatically start the compressor and start the cooling work;

4) When the water temperature of the water-cooled unit E406 reaches the set value, the compressor will automatically stop running. After the temperature of the outlet water increases, the compressor will automatically start again;

5) When the extraction work is completed and the exhaust gas is recovered, the water-cooling unit E406 is stopped.

Operation of Cold Water System

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