Operation of Hot Water System-700L Supercritical CO2 Extractors

Operation of Hot Water System

Mainly refers to the process of starting the heating boiler (or steam), heating the water in the hot water storage tank C304, and then starting the hot water circulation pump, using water as a heat source to heat the extraction kettle and other equipment.

a) The participating hot water system operators are:

1) Heat boiler E405 (or start plate heat exchanger E401C, steam heating);

2) boiler pump P602;

3) hot water circulation pump P601;

4) Air compressor P504;

5) Extraction kettles, heaters, separators, etc. that require heating;

b) using electric water boiler heating, hot water system operating steps:

1) Switch hot water system valves to make the system in working condition;

2) Switch the relevant valve to make the electric water boiler E405 in working condition (At this moment, the plate heat exchanger E401C is in the stop working state);

3) Start the boiler hot water pump P602;

4) set the electric hot water boiler E405 hot water temperature, start electric water boiler E405;

5) Start the air compressor P504;

6) Start the hot water circulation pump P601 to heat the jacket of the extraction kettle, separation kettle and heater;

7) After the extraction is complete, turn off the hot water circulation pump P601, the boiler hot water pump P602, and the electric water boiler E405.

Hot Water System

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