Separator-700L CO2 Supercritical Extraction Machine

Separator (S201~S202)

The separator is the core equipment for the extraction. According to the ASME Ⅷ-1, the vertical jacketed multi-layer high pressure vessel, the material of the vessel is 304 where contact with water, total 2 sets. The main parameters and the outline structure is shown in Table 3.2 and Figure 3.3 respectively, the detailed structure dimension see the quality certificate.

Table 3.2 Separator Data Sheet

Design Pressure20MPaDesign Temperature80℃
Work Pressure 18MPaOperate Temperature60℃
Inner Dia.φ400mmVolume300L
Outer Dia.φ582mmHeight~3898mm
StructureVertical Jacket
Safety SpareSafety valve, 2 setsTemperature sensor, 2 setsPressure meter, 2 setsPressure sensor, 2 sets

Figure 3.2 Structure Drawing of Separator

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