Two-extractor In Parallel Working Mode-700L Supercritical Fluid Extraction

Two-extractor in parallel working mode (take R101 and R102 as examples)

Taking R101 and R102 two-extractor in parallel connection as an example to introduce the operation process. The parallel operation of R102 and R103 two-extractor in parallel and R103 and R101 two-extractor in parallel operation is the same as that of two parallel operations of R101 and R102. However, the valve is different from the parallel operation of the extractor R101 and R102. For details see the 700L×3 process flow chart. The parallel operation of R101 and R102 is as follows:

a) Loading Preparation: Put the barrels (2 sets) of filled materials into extractor R101 and R102, and then close the R101 and R102 extractors and quickly open them in place;

b) Complete two operations b) and c) in accordance with

c) After the temperature of each test point reaches the set value, extractor R101, R102 reserve pressure (taking P502/1 as an example)

1) According to R101, R102 work flow diagram close the inlet and outlet valves of the extractor R103 and series valves J22, J29, J30, J31, J40;

2) Open the valve QF48, QF49, J13, J15, J17, J19J02A, J20, J21, J24, J26, J27, J35, J36, J38, J39 between the CO2 tank C302 exit and the R101, R102 extractor outlet, close J32 J33.

3) Set the start frequency of the inverter of CO2 pressure pump P502/1 to 5~10HZ, start the pump P502/1. Observe whether the pressure rise of the system is stable when the pump is running, and whether the inlet and outlet pressure values of extractor R101 and R102 are the same. Pressure difference is greater than 1.5Mpa, should be stopped to check and remove the fault before running;

4) When the discharge of CO2 is observed at the outlets of valves J13, J15, J19, J23, J24, J35, and J36, close the above valves and prepare the pressure for R101 and R102;

5) When the pressure of R101 rises to the set pressure, the standby pressure work is completed and the standby pressure of the S201 pipe section can be performed.

d) In accordance with f), g), h) operations, complete the pipeline pressure and extraction cycle;

e) After the extraction time reaches the predetermined process, the extractor can be depressurized.

supercritical fluid extraction

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