What’s the CO2 Supercritical Extraction Safety Operation Requirements

CO2 Supercritical Extraction Safety Operation Requirements
a)Before operation, operating staff should read Operating Manual for 700LX3 Supercritical Extraction Equipment carefully, and strictly follow it to control and operate the equipment.
b)Operating staff should check lubricant oil and surface of the pumps and if their work environment is under safe condition. They should add lubricant oil and keep periodic maintenance strictly as per the manual. Safety accessories of pressure gages for the equipment must be used after inspection and qualified metering periodically by the inspection agency nominated by authority in charge of the industry or approved by administrative component department. Safety valve’s pressure is fixed. Random change is not allowed.
c)Electric control system and auxiliary equipment should be in good condition before startup. Operating staff should first check if the instruments are at zero positions and electric switch valves are intact and reliable.
d)Pressure vessels should pass inspection periodically done by authority in charge of the industry before being put into operation.
e)Before opening the fast-open device of extraction vessel, operating staff must shut off its inlet and outlet valves, open emptying valve at top and drain valve at bottom to pump out CO2 from it. After confirming readings of extraction vessel’s inlet and outlet pressure gages and pressure sensor in control room are 0, slowly pull out safety pin and open the fast-open device. Before slowly boosting the pressure of extraction vessel, operating staff must ensure fast-open device’s clamp cylinder and safety pin are locked in right positions. Pay attention to the working state of the extraction vessel’s fast-open device all the time. Shut it down and release pressure when there is any abnormality. Operation is only allowed after troubleshooting.
f)Fast pressure release from extraction vessel is forbidden because it may result in deformation and ruin of the raw material buckets. Keep the seal ring of vessel cover clean without raw material or foreign substance, and get it oiled to avoid damage when the vessel cover is closed. Keep the seal ring on the outer surface of raw material bucket clean. Grease seal ring with some edible oil when putting raw material into the bucket to avoid damage to it.
g)Corresponding inlet and outlet valves must be shut off, emptying valves and drain valves on vessel and pipeline must be opened to release CO2 from inside and make sure pressure readings on vessel pressure gages and internal pressure sensors in control room are “0”, before top cover of separation vessel, manhole of intermediate storage tank and tube shell of heat exchanger are opened.
h)During continuous operation, good ventilation in the workshop should be guaranteed to avoid workers’ lack of oxygen led by high CO2 density.
When there is anoxic accident after staff breathe in excessive CO2, they should evacuate from workshop by themselves or with other people’s assistance. First-aid measures like artificial respiration should be carried out if necessary.
i)Liquid CO2 will absorb heat if released into the atmosphere, which will cause frostbite after contact with human body. During production, exhaust and drain outlets should be towards the ground or upward in the air. It’s forbidden to be towards where staff may pass by.
j)Electric hoist is a special device to elevate raw material buckets. It’s forbidden to use it for other purposes or elevate other items in an overload way. Materials must be elevated vertically. Oblique operation could cause damage to electric hoist or even falling down of material and hurting people.
k)Please drain all cold and hot water to lengthen the equipment’s service life before long-time shutdown. CO2 should be pumped out from it to avoid accident.
l)Regarding operation in winter, keep an eye on indoor and outdoor temperatures before shutdown. If temperature is too low, please drain all the water inside to avoid damage to the equipment by ice.

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