CO2 Low-temperature Storage Tank-700L Supercritical Fluid Extraction Part

CO2 Low-temperature Storage Tank(C301)

The CO2 low-temperature storage tank provides CO2 gas source for the whole plant, with a volume of 15m3. The industrial CO2 is transported to the low-temperature storage tank and fills the CO2 into it through the through liquid inlet. The storage tank is a double cylinder structure, the inner cylinder is made of 16MnDR high quality alloy steel, the outer cylinder is Q245R, the pipeline material is 304, the interlayer is perlite filled insulation (vacuum powder insulation type), and the storage tank is consist of various operation valves, and tanks are equipped with pressure meter and level meter for pressure and liquid level observation.

Table 3.4 CO2 Low-temperature Tank

Design Pressure2.3MPaInner cylinder design temperature-35℃
Work Pressure2.16MPaOperate Temperature-35~-16℃
Inner Dia.φ1700mmVolume15000L
Outer Dia.φ2100mmHeight~8000mm
StructureVertical container, inner tube with jacket insulationWork life15年
Safety SpareSafety valve, 1 setTemperature sensor, 1 setPressure meter, 1 setPressure sensor, 1 set
Process Drawing of CO2 Low-temperature Storage Tank

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