Extraction Heater and Separation Heater-700L Supercritical Fluid Extraction Part

Extraction Heater & Separation Heater(E402A~E404)

The extraction heater and the separation heater convert the state of CO2.The shell-and-tube heater exchanger is used in both heaters. The hot water provides energy to control the temperature safely and smoothly. Its structure is similar to that of Condenser (see Fig 3.6), and the Parameters are shown in table 3.6 and 3.7.

Table 3.6 Parameters of Extraction Heater (E402)

ItemTube PassShell Pass
Design Pressure40MPa0.4MPa
Working Pressure35MPa0.4MPa
Design Temperature 80℃80℃
 Operating Temperature65℃/20℃75℃/45℃
Heat Exchange Area16m2/
Inner Diameter/φ203mm
Outer Diameter/φ219mm
Overall Size~6638×525
Structural StyleTube & Shell Type

Table 3.7 Parameters of Separation Heater(E403~E404)

ItemTube PassShell Pass
Design Pressure20MPa0.4MPa
Working Pressure18MPa0.4MPa
Design Temperature 80℃20℃
 Operating Temperature65℃/20℃75℃/45℃
Heat Exchange Area22m2/
Inner Diameter/φ233mm
Outer Diameter/φ245mm
Overall Size~6422×528
Structural StyleTube & Shell Type
700L Supercritical Fluid Extraction

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