How Operation of Separation Tank-700L Co2 Extraction Equipment

Operation of Separation Tank (S201, S202)

Separation kettles are containers that do not require frequent disassembly and opening. They can only be removed and opened when long-term use or replacement of different materials is required. The separation tank removal is as follows (taking S201 as an example):

a) Close the S201 valve J42, J44, open J43;

b) Exhaust the gas in the container. When the pressure gauge shows “0”, open the throttle valve JL02, drain the remaining gas in the container, observe the on-site pressure display value, and confirm that the pressure gauge and pressure transmitter display are all “0”;

c) remove the lid on the separation kettle, open the clamp, and lift the top cover;

d) to reach the appropriate height to remove the seal, check the status of the seal and the intake manifold;

e) cleaning the tank body, top cover with a cleaning agent, and drying the tank body with compressed air;

f) Refit the gasket and top cover, and then install the clamps and bolts;

Separate the operation of the kettle S202 and switch the valve according to the S202 pipeline flow chart. The operation is the same as S201.

700L Co2 Extraction Equipment

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