Operation of CO2 Pressure Pump-700L Supercritical Co2 Extraction Equipment

 Operation of CO2 Pressure Pump (P502)

The start-up of the pressure pump includes the first start-up and normal start-up. The first start-up requires the air to be pumped out (the same method as the P501).

a) Start the boost pump for the first time:

1) Start pump cooling pump cooling pump head, time 4 to 5 minutes;

2) Open the pump outlet emptying valve until it sees white liquid CO2 discharge and close the emptying valve;

3) After the pump head is cooled, set the starting pressure HZ01 of the pressure pump to 10HZ in the upper computer to start the pressure pump;

4) After observing the normal pressure, set the operating frequency of the pressurizing pump HZ01 as the process frequency, it is recommended to be 20HZ ~ 35HZ;

b) Normal start:

The normal start-up is similar to the first start-up except that the pump head air does not need to be drained;

c) Stopping the booster pump:

After the pressure pump is stopped, it is necessary to continue to cool the pump head until the pump is completely stopped (because of inertia, the boost pump will continue to operate after stopping for a while), and then stop the pressure pump cooling water pump.

Operation of CO2 Pressure Pump

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