Operation of CO2 Tank C302-700L Supercritical Fluid Extraction System

Operation of CO2 Tank C302

The CO2 storage tank C302 is a closed container. The magnetic flap level gauge outside the container can display the CO2 liquid level situation in real time.

a) Operation steps when the tank is used for the first time

1) Open the CO2 inlet valve J09 on the top of the vessel according to the middle tank piping flow diagram (see Figure 4.1);

2) Close the emptying valve J10, the outlet valve J13, and the drain valve J14 at the top of the container. Fill the container slowly with CO2. During the pressure increase, slowly open the emptying valve J10 at the top of the container to drain the air from the container. ;

3) When the CO2 is discharged, close the emptying valve and continue to fill the container with CO2. When the level of CO2 in the container reaches 50%, the filling is stopped and the CO2 tank filling operation is completed.

The temperature of the CO2 storage tank is about 10°C, and the liquid level begins to appear when the pressure is around 4.5MPa.

c) Note:

1) In the CO2 replenishment operation, especially in cold winter, when the indoor temperature is low, the water cooling unit and the cold water circulation pump must be turned on first to allow the water circuit to circulate first, and then the CO2 transfer pump P501 is added to replenish the CO2. Otherwise, first open the outdoor pump to make up for CO2, and the lower outside temperature of CO2 will cause the water in the CO2 tank coil to quickly freeze, and the coil will be blocked by all the ice.

2) Properly reduce the set temperature of the water cooling unit and set the water outlet temperature of the water cooling unit to 6~8°C.

Supercritical Fluid Extraction System

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